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ABOUT VANTAGE ASSET MANAGEMENTInvestments in top tier Private Equity funds

Investments in top tier Private Equity funds focused on investing in the later expansion and buyout stages of Private Equity in Australia plus co-investments alongside top tier Private Equity funds. Vantage has developed a proven fund of funds investment approach to broaden investor access and participation in the Private Equity asset class.

Vantage’s investment objective is to achieve attractive medium-term returns on Private Equity investments while keeping the volatility of the overall investment low. This will be achieved by investing across a highly diversified portfolio of Private Equity assets with diversification obtained by allocating across managers, geographic region, financing stage, industry sector and Vintage year.   Vantage only invests in small to mid market focussed funds investing in the later expansion and buyout financing stage of Private Equity.

Vantage systematically follows an underlying fund selection and investment process. For each fund, Vantage evaluates a considerable number of investment opportunities that ultimately result in Commitments and Investments into a limited number of funds and co-investments. Vantage’s fund of funds investment approach creates a portfolio of underlying investments that are spread across a range of industry sectors. This provides investors in Vantage’s funds with the benefits of a highly diversified portfolio of investments, a key factor in Vantage’s risk minimization strategy.

Vantage have one fund available for investment:




Vantage executives have built deep relationships with leading private Equity managers which play a critical role in accessing fund investment opportunities.


Vantage only invests in funds whose managers have delivered top tier performance.


Gain access to a diversified portfolio of Private Equity funds managed by high performing managers, selected by locally based investment team


Investment strategy developed from analysis of global industry data over the past twenty years and adapted for each specific Vantage managed fund.


DAchieved through execution of diversified investment strategy with investment across managers, financing stage, industry sector, vintage years and geographic regions.


Adding Private Equity to a portfolio of listed stocks and bonds improves the efficiency of a portfolio allowing higher targeted returns for the same level of calculated risk.

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