Craigmore Sustainables

ABOUT CRAIGMOREFarm, Horticulture and Forest Investments

Craigmore Sustainables manages dairy farms, orchards and forest businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand. Established in 2009 by two New Zealand family farmers, Craigmore has grown to become a leader in sustainable food and fibre production.

Craigmore is unique in that it manages international funds in a way which ensures New Zealanders retain full control and management of every business. It has taken more than a decade to build a pool of investors from around the world who are aligned with their long-term sustainability values and the need for local decision making.

Now with a portfolio of properties across both islands and more than 25,000 hectares, Craigmore is committed to having a positive environmental, social and economic impact, leading the way in sustainable practices and benefiting rural communities.

Craigmore’s commitment to the Sustainability Principles on which it was founded more than a decade ago, underpin their commitment to addressing some of the major challenges facing society: climate change, loss of biodiversity and social inequity.

As kaitiaki (guardian), Craigmore regards it as a privilege and a responsibility to manage land, soils, water and other natural resources for the long-term, while ensuring well-managed capital enhances the communities in which we work every day.
“You’ll never beat the family farmer”

This was a favourite saying of Sir Peter Elworthy, founder of Craigmore Farming Co. in 1960. At Craigmore, we align ourselves, both operationally and structurally, with some outstanding family farmers and foresters, because we believe they are the very best operators.



Behaving in ways that leaves the world in a better place and allows the generations that follow to continue to earn a living from the land.


Aligned both operationally and structurally, with some outstanding family farmers and foresters.


High quality food and fibre with reliable provenance, and secure traceability.